Margaret Grace: Our First Annual JOY-Filled Christmas Celebration

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Meet Maggie Grace, one of our beautiful Raindancers. Maggie was born with a chromosome deletion and is both deaf and blind. Miraculously though Maggie has been tracking objects even when Dr.’s say she shouldn’t be!! Yay God! Maggie’s momma didn’t want her sweet girl to miss out on meeting Santa for her first Christmas and getting a special family picture like she had done every year with her 7 other children. Because Maggie can’t afford to catch a cold or be around germs, The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation brought Santa to her! “Santa came to meet my Maggie and I will always be able to close my eyes and recapture the moments that he was with her…when he knelt down to talk to her for the first time and then when he held her in his arms. This moment…THIS was the moment I had dreamt of for my girl and it happened, Margaret Grace met Santa Claus!” (from Maggie’s momma, Jenifer) Please keep sweet Maggie in your prayers. ♥

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