Levi: Let’s Love on Levi!!

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed..” Levi, what a precious, sweet boy. Levi deals with daily seizures, sometimes 10 a day, and his family has went to extreme measures to help him. They even dropped everything to move to Arizona to try to alleviate his seizures with a therapy treatment not available here. When we met Levi and his family we were completely overwhelmed with just wanting to LOVE on Levi! So SJGF created an evening of lovin’ on Levi and his family through MUSIC, with dinner and gifts at the Knight’s home! And Oh how special it was!

Once we learned about how Sadie, Levi’s sister, loves Elsa from Frozen, we knew exactly who we could call! Rachel, founder of Joy 2 the Kids has become our dear friend and partner in bringing JOY to amazing families like Levi’s! The BEST Elsa ever, helps us bring joy and light through song and fun, and boy did Sadie love her!! They sang and danced together and even held hands while listening to the other music! What JOY! We’re pretty sure Levi’s brother enjoyed Elsa too, but he’s all boy, so that would take a lot for him to admit. 😉

In addition to Elsa, Levi was blessed by Bethany Fowler, who’s amazing voice filled the room with Christian songs of hope and love. Both ladies were accompanied by violinist, Larry Chang, of the Roanoke Symphony. His gift of music filled the room with such peace. Our goal to create a relaxing evening of music, yummy food, and peace for this sweet family was absolutely accomplished. Levi’s mom said as she was leaving, “I feel like I was just on vacation, a VERY relaxing vacation!”

Because of our supporters, SJGF was able to give some very awesome gifts to the family! A BOB jogging stroller, to make it easier to take Levi on walks and go places, a “Help Levi Go out to Play” package that included a easy pop up cabana, blanket, portable & rechargeable fan, and a nice carrier to carry it all in SO momma can easily get her sweet boy outside on days when his siblings want momma to come out with them! Lavender massage oils to help Levi relax and be pampered, and a Nintendo DS for each of his siblings so they can stay occupied when mom’s hands are full! A huge thank you to Tranquility Day Spa & Salon for blessing Levi’s mom with a full day at the spa where she can be pampered and cared for and to Beautiful Moments by Amy Photography who captured the evening for the family and also blessed them with their own mini-photo shoot while they were here!


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