Children at HSC

YES! We love to say YES!

Child life specialist. (CLS)

Do you know what one of those are? If you don’t…it’s probably because you have never personally met one while staying at/visiting/needing a hospital for a/your child. Take a nurse, a mom, an advocate, social worker, a friend and a teacher and mix them all up and you get a ‘child life specialist’. Pediatric hospitals would not be the same without them. I am so grateful for the CLS in my life that I have known. The CLS at INOVA Hospital in Fairfax became some of Julia’s most favorite people when she was in the hospital during her many stays. They knew just what she loved and would show up with an armful of goodies as soon as she was up to it. I am also grateful to know this very special CLS at HSC in DC. HSC used to be known as ‘Hospital for Sick Children’. It’s a lovely facility in DC that cares for and LOVES medically fragile children that for some reason or another can’t be cared for at home at the time, or anytime soon. Some age out and go into adult facilities. When I was contacted by Courtney at HSC she was so amazed at how quickly I said, “YES”!! She made the comment that usually it takes awhile to hear back when she reaches out. We are fortunate that we don’t have ANY red tape and can say YES to our RAINDANCERS!! Thanks to YOU!!!!

We were able to take them THREE wagons FULL of items that she needed for her Raindancers. And since in a big way, she’s the momma at HSC, she signed our Traveling Raindancer Umbrella we have all the momma’s sign. We are so grateful that when a facility like HSC needs a little help, and some gifts to bring joy and comfort to some very special RAINDANCERS…… we can say YES. ♥

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