Building John’s Independence


We are so honored to know and love this little boy and his family.

Just recently, in conversation with his parents, John asked his mom and dad, “Are there handicapped accessible bathrooms in college?

When his parents told him, “Yes there are,” John was so excited at the possibility of one day being able to go away to college like his older siblings. When his parents reached out to SJGF, they shared this with us and said, “This question helped us to realize that we needed to try to improve his living situation in our own home.

John’s family has turned their first level dining room into his bedroom, but are in great need of a handicap accessible bathroom for him to use so that he can learn independence in his own home first, before he goes off to college one day, down the road.

SJGF funds every Raindancer project out of our general fund, but when we take on big projects like building a bathroom from scratch, this type of project requires a much larger budget. We are looking for donors, both individual or corporate that can help us bless this special Raindancer and his family with this life-changing gift.

If you would like to help BUILD JOHN’S INDEPENDENCE by making a donation, please:


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