Ben: Ben’s Independence Day

We were so honored to meet Ben and help give him more Independence and Freedom!! We celebrated in true Independence Day style, with red, white and blue…and hot dogs too! From face painting to our signature umbrella cookies…the day was a true celebration of Ben’s resilience, strength, and beautiful spirit. We fell in love with him from the first moment he said “why are all these people here!” For you Ben! Because of you! Thank you to Robert Wood and his sons for building this ramp without charging us a penny for his labor. Thank you to Burton’s Handyman for building us a custom “freedom” stool (at no charge) for Ben so he can reach the sink and be the big boy that he is! Thanks to Patriot High School Cheerleaders for coming out to Cheer Ben down his ramp for the first time and to have a “mini” Cheer Camp with his awesome sister, and to Liberty Cheer for their “Cheer Basket” which included an actual CHEER LETTER, uniform and tickets to their high school football games! People are soo cool! Thank you, to all of you for ‘thinking of others’ in such a special way. We are blessed.


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