Backyard O’ Fun for Asher!

This sweet little guy has come thousands of miles to be loved by the family that God had in mind, just for him. He doesn’t let leukemia, or delays, or his special needs hold him back. Nope. He’s just rocking this life, and showing all those around him how to do the same. Asher we hope you love your new backyard full of fun… a playground to have a blast on without the worries of germs, and a trampoline to jump for the stars on, and get stronger and stronger on every day. This is our first playground project for a Raindancer, and when Sarah Diaz and I started working on this project, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We usually set our dreams for each Raindancer and work out the details as we go. It takes hours, a lot of time, many calls, numerous meetings, and a bunch of love, and we love every second of it. Sarah is now an expert on all things playground I have to say. We could not have done this project without some amazingly generous people and companies. Our hearts are so grateful for our village.

Thank you to:

~Custom Care Lawn & Property for donating the clearing & leveling of the land and for building the perfect foundation for our surprise to be built on.

~William Hazel, Inc. for donating the mulch, and it was A LOT of mulch!!

~For the team of volunteers who spent one full day putting together the playground that had over 90 pages of instructions!

~For the team of volunteers who spent Labor Day morning moving & raking the huge amount of mulch to finish up the playground and make it Asher ready!

~For Tranquility Day Spa and Salon for their hearts of gold, and for the spa day gifts they give our Raindancer momma’s. We love you Mack Family, you have officially been showered with love. <3

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