Alex: Celebrating One Strong & Brave Deud

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When you meet you think ‘oh, if I could do this, that and the other for that person, I would’. Well, because of the support SJGF receives by so many GENEROUS people…we get to not only think that, but actually watch it come to pass and DO THAT. We dream big, hope wide, wish high…and just watch in wonder, how God pulls it off. This is what happened when we met Alex. We had a dream for him. A dream that he would be able to enjoy his family’s new home and awesome yard, in bigger and better ways. So we reached for the stars, and found out along the way that sometimes you really should just “take a leap, and build your wings on the way down.”

We were able to purchase the all-terrain wheelchair we dreamed he could one day have! In addition to that Alex and his brother both had a room makeover that every little sports guy would want, gifts that bring brothers some fun, an iPad for Alex, and we were HONORED to do an office makeover for Alex’s Army, a non-profit founded by the family to bless others, and raise money for Wilms Tumor research, the type of cancer Alex has. Alex has had cancer since he was 5, and is in 6th grade. He is strong, sweet and one of the most inspirational young men you will ever meet. He loves deeply, has a smile that lights up the room, and a family that is just as gentle as they are brave. Green family, you have officially been showered with love. We love you guys!

A huge THANK YOU to the following:

  • The special donors who gave to our “Dream Project Fund” so that we could buy Alex an all-terrain wheelchair. We were even able to get the carrier so that the family can take it with them when they travel.
  • Koons Auto of Manassas for the brand new iPad for Alex!
  • Tranquility Day Spa for a spa day for mom
  • Emily Marcella Photography for the donated Family Photo Shoot
  • Little Divas Spa for holding a fundraiser for the family and using those funds to sponsor Alex’s Army office makeover
  • Alex’s 5th grade class & friends for raising money to sponsor a gift for Alex. Your funds went towards Alex’s new wheelchair! Thank you!
  • Grace Life Church Youth Mission team, for the “yard” makeover this summer. Your work paid off because now Alex has a great place to explore!
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